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Irvine seniors events. Events in and around Irvine Ayrshire which have special relevance for the elderly community of the area. Check back for regular updates.

Election 2019

Election 2019

General Election 2019 One day to go to the 2019 election and its up to you to put your X on the ballot paper. Just remember we have the lowest pensions in Europe ,WASPi...

Isolation and Loneliness open meeting update

Isolation and Loneliness open meeting update

UPDATE           Isolation and Loneliness   open meeting       The open meeting was a great success with almost 100 people attending despite the terrible weather. speakers included MSP Ruth McGuire, Isoble...


Free Dementia Training.

Free Dementia Training. We can help boost your confidence and ability to work with and support older military veterans and older people affected by dementia. Free Dementia Training taking place in Dumfries – September...


Irvine Seniors Forum Intergenerational Event

Irvine Seniors Forum Members recently attended an inter generational event organize by Kimberly Kirkwood a youth worker at the Redburn youth center and a student at the west of Scotland University. The event was...

Irvine seniors members attend reestablished Unison retired members meeting.

Unison Retired members meeting 18-4-18

Irvine seniors members attend re-established Unison retired members meeting. For more information about the group contact us here at the Irvine Seniors Forum.