Irvine Seniors Forum minute 24-4-18

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Irvine seniors minute 24th April 2018

Minutes 24 4 18

Irvine Seniors Forum

Minutes of meeting 24th April 2018


Ian Wallace, Catherine @ Tony Maltby, Rosemary Byrne, Patricia Steed, Jackie Tremble, , Liz Sinclair. Andrew Pollock, , Jessie Mcharg, Tristian Lyndsay, Anne Mclintock,

Apologies Krys Inglis Billy Inglis, Neil Small John Gray, Gwen Guthrie, Sheila Boyd, Jean Walker, Janice Murray, Annie Small

Chairs opening remarks she welcomed everyone to the meeting

Minutes of the previous meeting agreed correct record

Matters arising

Rosemary gave an update of the meeting in Vennel Gardens. Staff have now been transferred under TUPE to the council safeguarding their jobs and continuing with the very popular service. A pat on the back to all who supported this project

Rosemary apologised for being unable to attend the event and asked for comments from any other members who did attend the intergenerational high tea. The general feeling was that there was a very good response from our group. After a discussion, it was agreed to contact Kimberly to see what further collaboration could take place. Ian to contact Kimberly.

Call blockers.

Annie Small has indicated that she used the service and said that she was more than pleased when the council turned up the next day and fitted the call blocker. She asked that we advertise this as widely as possible and that we write to the council thanking trading standards for the work they have done in supplying call blockers to older people free of charge.

Web Site

Ian told the meeting he had sent out emails with info on the website to the people who were interested, he also sent out a copy of the paper Robb had brought to the meeting. Robb will be available to meet with the small group to progress the training for those interested. Rosemary asked for possible dates and venues, agreed that we will give Robb week beginning 8th 9th May and rosemary will speak to Vineburgh about access to the computer suite. Ian asks the group if anyone had a look at it. he said they could access it on their phone most agreed that it was coming along nicely. He also pointed out that we still needed content. Computer training was available for beginners on a Wednesday morning from Third Sector interface. Check out their website.

Treasurer’s report

Krys gave an update on our finances. All accounts had been settled and we have £558.33 in the bank which is Grant money. She then gave told the meeting about the community grant meeting she attended on our behalf she felt it was very positive and made some suggestions as to what we should apply for. She said that the format had changed this year, Rosemary thanked her and ask the group for suggestions, these ranged from another open day but this time with freebies and maybe in collaboration with other groups agencies, Podcasts and we also need to keep the money for web hosting. Ian and rosemary will meet to get draft proposals drawn up


Scottish Pensioners Forum

Ian has submitted the names for the Conference and AGM and will contact John about transport.


Unison Retired members Good turnout for the meeting and a small committee elected next meeting of the committee will be in the Unison Office in Kilwinning on 9th may at 10 am to draw up proposals for future meetings and events

Joint Elderly Forum Ian said that there still had been no meetings since away before xmass and that he would contact bigjohn with a view of arranging an extraordinary AGM.

Scottish Seniors Alliance

Ian attended the meeting in Glasgow. Main items of concern were the funding. The Alliance was now a registered charity and received grants from the voluntary action fund.Officials had met with VAF who after a2-5 hour meeting said they were not happy with the evaluation supplied and that they were holding back the last quarterly payment of £5000. This puts the alliance in the same position as we were in before getting the grant ie that we may have to close the office and pay off our admin worker off. The char suggested that all groups and individuals write to Jeannie Freeman explaining why this puts us in a difficult position and to reinstate the funds.

After a break, the meeting broke in to groups to discuss the Scottish government’s consultation paper on Isolation and loneliness. He referred to the SSA newsletter where he laid out some of the points, he also asked that as many people respond to the consultation as possible . Some of the points were

With the closure of public toilets, some people are enabled to go out

removal of seating in public places

Cuts to bus services

cuts to community facilities

cuts and outsourcing of council services

no wardens in sheltered housing

Families are no spread out and don’t live locally

we need more intergenerational work

more affordable integrated housing , older people who’s houses are not fit for purpose (upstairs toile) for example may have to move to new neighbourhoods where they don’t know any one

keep older people in their local communities

Lack of money Worst pensions in Europe

need a national strategy that’s preventative reactive

shame of not having enough money

lack of mobility

AOCB May day rally will be held on sat 5th May leaving Vineburgh community centre at11 am


29th May !-30 in the Woodlands centre

Agenda 29 May



Minutes of the previous meeting

matters arising

treasurers report