Irvine Seniors Forum recieved this from Nac this morning.

Can I ask people to give it some consideration ,what can the local community do to help issolated people at this time of crisses . Suggestions like a telephone tree where we can give a daily call to check if the person is ok or needs anything ,keeping an eye on elderly neighbours, making sure they have enough food ,can get shopping in ,etc I am sure that your members will have more suggestions .

Share them on here and send them to your local Council where they can coordinate the efforts.
Suggestions to Rhona Aurthur intrim head of service 01294324415

From NAC Can we ask for your help?
We put out the following on social media over the weekend and had a fantastic response:
“We at North Ayrshire Council would like to hear from any groups who are organising local support mechanisms for the impact of Coronavirus. We will do all we can to provide relevant practical support, including some funding if required. Please get in touch and please share.”
We then updated with the following this morning:
“Would all community groups and organisations and faith groups start identifying their most vulnerable in readiness, so we can have a coordinated approach please?”
Can you please liaise with Rhona to see how we can help each other to prepare as well as we can for what lies ahead, especially in relation to our older people? end

Please look out for the elderly and vulnarable in your neighbourhood this may last for longer than a few weeks so we all need to pull together

thank you
ian wallace secretary irvine seniors forum

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