Information on roll out of Universal Credit

Universal Credit rollout


People on Universal Credit in Scotland will be offered two new ways to help them manage their money.


Anyone in Scotland making new claims in full service Universal Credit areas will have the choice of changing the frequency of their payments from once to twice monthly and to have the housing cost element of their Universal Credit paid directly to their landlord.


For those Universal Credit claimants in full service areas who applied before today, these new Universal Credit choices will be available from early January 2018.


For more information please read our full Q&A for applicants<> and for organisations providing advice and support to applicants<>.


On 3 October, there was a Government led debate in the Scottish Parliament calling on the UK Government to immediately halt the roll out of Universal Credit full service. The Scottish Government motion was carried, as amended by the Labour, Liberal Democrats and Green Parties with 75 MSPs voting yes and 23 MSPs voting No. You can read the Official Report of the debate<>.


This follows a joint letter<> to the UK Government from the Social Security Minister Jeane Freeman and COSLA Community Wellbeing Spokesperson Kelly Parry, calling for a halt to the full service roll-out of Universal Credit in Scotland.  The letter outlined evidence of a number of ‘abject failures’ in the new UK Government system and the damaging impact it is having on people and services.  These include waits of six weeks or longer, for a first payment of Universal Credit forcing people to borrow money, relying on food banks and crisis payments; and being pushed into rent arrears.


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