Covid19 update 18/4/20

Covid19 update 18/4/20
Hi Folks
Previously gave you phone numbers to contact the hubs ,heres some further information ,please share
Fullarton. They are still doing deliveries and shopping for people who require assistance (elderly, disabled, isolated etc) even if they have not received a letter from the Government.

Both Redburn and Fullarton have frozen meals to give out for anyone in need. When we are preparing food parcels from the foodbank and the food larder, we ask people if they have access to a microwave and/or an oven and will supply them as part of the parcel.

In terms of support for Seniors, we will collect their prescriptions and drop them off. We can also recommend local shops and supermarkets who are doing deliveries. If they are struggling to buy food, we can supply them with emergency food supplies.

We also have volunteers who are walking dogs for people who are isolating or are unable to do it themselves. Catherine Beck (usually based at the Vennel) has a call list of people who she calls every few days just to check in and have a chat with them and see if they need any support.
Use the link below to check out the councils webpage for good info.

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